All About KLIX Hair Extensions





During your consultation your certified klixTENSIONIST will discuss with you the results that you want to achieve by wearing klixTENSIONS. Your stylist will also choose a hair color and texture by using the Klix Color Swatch Ring. Your stylist will then place the order directly with Klix and schedule an appointment for your application.



During your application appointment your stylist will apply klixTENSIONS (the process should take approximately 60 minutes). Then your stylist will cut and style your new klixTENSIONS and review our recommended products and maintenance routine with you.



Every 4-6 weeks you need to schedule an appointment for a re-touch with your stylist. Your stylist will simply open the micro links, slide the klixTENSIONS back up closer to your scalp, and reclose the micro link (this process should take approximately 30 minutes). The re-touches will continue every 4-6 weeks until your stylist determines that you are ready for a new package of klixTENSIONS.



With proper care and maintenance you should be able to wear your klixTENSIONS between 4 and 6 months. The removal times takes approximately 10 minutes.


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Klix patented system dramatically reduces application time, allowing the stylist to apply a full head of extensions in 60 minutes or less! The unique application process is simple, fast and easy for both the experienced stylist, as well as, the first time user. Klix application requires no heat, no glue, no tape, and no removal chemicals leaving behind no breakage.

KlixTENSIONS are made from the finest quality 100% virgin Remy human hair with the cuticle left intact. Each strand is individually hand threaded onto a skin like weft, root to end, maintaining the hair’s natural cuticle direction, which allows klixTENSIONS to remain tangle free while looking undeniably natural and shiny. The weft is attached to your hair with silicone lined micro-links that protect your hair and the skin like weft blends for a seamless application.


Longer, fuller hair in 60 minutes

30 minute retouch every 4 to 6 weeks

10 minute removal

No heat, no glue, no tape, no mess


Undetectable skin like weft

Up to 3 colors in ONE package

May be worn for between 4 to 6 months with proper care and maintenance

Lightweight and comfortable


Perfect for commitment free highlights




We are proud that the United States Patent Office has officially recognized the ingenuity and originality of Klix Hair Extensions and has awarded us U.S. patent numbers 7,753,057 B2 and 8,336,559.




Klix was invented by two Michigan hair stylists who jointly had been doing hair extensions for more than 30 years. Having tried most if not all of the methods on the market they were dissatisfied with the options that they could offer their clients. They had invested countless hours and money taking classes and buying equipment and they realized that it was time to try a new approach. Their goal was to develop extensions that were fast and easy to apply, were non-damaging, easy to wear, and moveable. After many trials they finally found the winning combination and thus Klix was born!




Klix hair quality is superior to many other brands because we buy only the best Remy hair and do not remove 100% of the cuticles during the coloring process (note: a small percentage – approximately 20-30% of the cuticle must be removed to allow the colored dye to be absorbed by the hair). The result is superior hair that is silky soft and shiny and maintains its highlights and natural shading just like your own hair. It is very common in the industry that with both lower quality Remy hair and non-Remy hair that the cuticle is completely stripped using a long acid bath. Removing 100% of the cuticles enables manufacturers to use hair that has been collected randomly or hair that is of inferior quality. This process is very harsh and damaging and often results in hair that is weak, dries out and loses its natural look very quickly. Klix hair is also “double drawn”. This means that the hair has been examined and physically “strained” so that the hairs are of near uniform length, reducing the amount of short hairs in each package.




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